Quality Policy

Private KTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" considers as a primary factor the consistent and uninterrupted satisfaction of the public's requirements, the best service to them, the cultivation of trusting relationships with them as well as the quality upgrade of the services provided and the management of all the activities that make up the its operation.

For this reason, IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" has designed, developed and installed an integrated Quality System according to the ELOT EN ISO9001:2015 standard, which it undertakes to apply consistently and with the aim of providing technical control services vehicles with integrity, impartiality and reliability.

IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" is constantly informed about the current legislative and regulatory provisions that govern its field of activity and integrates their requirements into the Quality System it has developed, along with any technical methodologies and developments. The quality operating specifications of IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" are summarized in general terms, as follows:

  • Implementation of a documented Quality System, which meets the requirements of the ELOT EN ISO9001:2015 standard, and is regularly reviewed to ensure its continued suitability and adequacy.
  • Use of valid methods, based on technological developments and the requirements of national legislation, to carry out the prescribed controls.
  • Management of control equipment (selection, maintenance, adjustment, calibration, etc.) in a way that ensures its reliability and continued suitability for its intended use
  • Ensuring the required technical competence of the personnel involved in the handling of vehicle technical inspection, through its validation and continuous evaluation as well as providing the necessary training. 
  • Ensuring the independence, impartiality and integrity of the technical staff 
  • Adherence to specific rules regarding personnel safety.
  • Adherence to the daily operating schedule of IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" as determined and notified.
  • Continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction.
  • Setting goals that are monitored and kept up to date. 

The Quality System of IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" concerns all levels of its operation and compliance with the provisions is the responsibility of the entire executive force. The Senior Management is committed to providing the necessary resources and ensures through the Quality Manager that the System is up-to-date and effective.

With the unwavering commitment of both the Management of IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA" and all its staff to the observance of the principles set out in this Quality Policy and, more generally, to the entire extent of the Quality System of IKTEO "OTO TECHNIK SA", the Senior Management looks forward to the continuous and stable provision of high quality and reliable services.

The company's Quality Policy is documented, implemented, maintained, periodically reviewed, communicated to all personnel and made available to interested parties, including the public.