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Why choose us:

Advantages of a private K.T.E.O.

It has state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

Easy and direct access to Private K.T.E.O.

Pleasant waiting area, with free drinks and free WiFi.

The equipment of Private K.T.E.O. is continuously audited by external bodies so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurements and the quality of the controls.

Well trained staff, willing to serve you with courtesy and gusto.

We are ISO 9001 and TUV AUSTRIA certified.

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Who we are:

KTEO Thessaloniki - Autotechnik is a certified vehicle technical inspection center and is located in West Thessaloniki (Makrygianni extension, Evosmos). It is the creation of graduate engineers from Thessaloniki and operates with responsibility, consistency and, above all, know-how as the main axis.


The AUTOTECHNIK welcomes you to its state-of-the-art facilities, in its friendly environment, with easy access for the disabled. Free hot and cold drinks are offered during your stay.

Our Mission is to provide the best service to our customers, from the highly technically qualified staff. With the innovative pick-up delivery service, your car can be picked up and delivered free of charge, wherever you want.

Check Points

Visual inspection

The visual inspection is carried out by specially trained inspectors with the aim of the excellent operation of various subsystems (external and internal) of the vehicle.

Convergence Divergence Control

The Convergence-Divergence control is done with the aim of maintaining the straight path of the vehicle. For the safety of the passengers and the longevity of the vehicle's tires.

Brake System Check

The braking system check is an important area of ​​the K.T.E.O. process, as the brakes make it possible to stop the vehicle in such cases.

Suspension System Control

The suspension system check is done with the aim of the correct operation of the vehicle. In dampening vibrations and restoring the traction of the wheels with the ground and to ensure the comfort of the passengers and the driving behavior of the vehicle.

Exhaust Gas Control

Exhaust gas control is done with the aim of minimizing air pollution. It is checked every six months or annually and an emissions card is issued.

Light Control

Controlling a vehicle's lights is extremely important for our safe movement in low light conditions.

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Technical Control Points

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What does KTEO mean and what is Private KTEO?

The abbreviation KTEO comes from the words: Vehicle Technical Control Center. Accordingly, Private KTEO is the Private Vehicle Technical Control Center.

What is the usefulness of KTEO?

KTEO aim to control the proper operation of vehicles and their subsystems, so that they are safe for passengers and as least polluting as possible for the environment.
And why should I prefer the private KTEO?
Private KTEO today operate based on European standards under strict certification and audit controls. They are equipped with electronic systems which are constantly connected to the base of the Ministry of Transport in order to avoid irregularities.
When do I have to pass my vehicle through KTEO?
For passenger vehicles for private use and trucks, the initial inspection is carried out 4 years after the date of issue of the 1st license and then a periodic inspection is carried out every two years.
And if I'm late?
The vehicle is overdue for technical inspection and the corresponding fine should be paid to the State.
What fine do I pay if I miss the KTEO deadline?
In passenger vehicles, the tolls in favor of the public are:

  • 16€ overdue up to 30 days,
  • 33€ for more than 30 days and up to 6 months.
  • 65€ overdue for more than 6 months.
  • Correspondingly for trucks <3.5 tons the fine is 20 €, 39€ and 78€.
What is voluntary control?
The voluntary inspection is carried out at our Private KTEO and is the inspection of the vehicle at all points that are checked during the mandatory Technical Inspection procedure. It applies to all drivers (individuals, traders, professionals) and enables you to check the actual condition of your vehicle at any time (e.g. before a trip, before buying a used one or before visiting some workshop.)

Useful information

Ανακοίνωση: Αναστολή Λειτουργίας ως 30/11

Notice: Suspension of Operation until 30/11

Pursuant to K.Y.A. Gazette B 4899, the operation of KTEOs is suspended until 30/11/2020 to limit the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Exceptions are ALL categories of heavy vehicles (trucks, motor vehicle buses), the control of which will...

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Service - consistency - speed - professionalism. Beautiful waiting area. Timely and valid information about the status of my truck. Keep it up…..no complaints!

Truck Driver

Immediate service with or without an appointment. Polite staff in all areas of KTEO. They offer you coffee from a machine for free during your wait, it should be noted that you have absolute control over the course of your car, since the waiting area has windows that overlook the work of the KTEO.


Excellent service. There is a free coffee machine in the waiting area. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Taxi Driver

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1st cross Makrigianni Str. Evosmos Thessaloniki


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1st cross Makrigianni Str. Evosmos Thessaloniki

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