It's time to get your vehicle MOT checked and wondering what the K.T.E.O. rates are? 

The technical inspection of vehicles, also known as inspection KTEΟ, has multiple implications for the operation of vehicles and their subsystems. It is widespread, that the process of technical control in vehicles can diagnose, in time, possible technical problems of the vehicle. For this reason, the KTEO inspection has been made mandatory by law for all vehicle owners. 

More generally, the KTEO process checks if the vehicle remains reliable, both for the road safety of the passengers and for the environment.

For all passenger vehicles I.X. and for trucks (up to 3.5 tons), the initial KTEO inspection is carried out 4 years after the date of issue of their 1st registration permit. Subsequently, the periodic technical inspection of private use vehicles and trucks < 3.5t is carried out every 2 years. 

For heavy vehicles (trucks over 3.5 tons, buses, trains, etc.) the first KTEO check is carried out 1 year after the date the vehicle's 1st license was issued. After that, it is mandatory to repeat the technical inspection every year. The same applies in the case of taxi vehicles D.X.

However, each owner is obliged to carry out an inspection of his vehicle, 3 weeks before the specified date and up to 7 calendar days after the end of this date. In the event that the owner of the vehicle fails to go through a KTEO, then the control is considered overdue. In this case, it is his obligation to pay a tax in favor of the State. 

What is the penalty if I miss the KTEO deadline?


The cost of the fine imposed in the event of an overdue KTEO differs, firstly, according to the category of each vehicle, and secondly, according to the length of time the vehicle is overdue.

More specifically, the fee for passenger vehicles is 16€ for a delay of up to 30 days, 33€ for a delay of more than 30 days which reaches 6 months, while the fine paid for a period exceeding 6 months is at €65. 

On the other hand, the fine for an overdue KTEO on two-wheeled vehicles starts from €10 for a delay of up to 30 days. It reaches €20 for a delay of up to 6 months and for a period longer than 6 months the fee increases to €41. 

As for trucks over 3.5 tons, the price of the toll starts at €20 for a delay of up to 30 days. It increases to €39 for a period longer than 30 days up to 6 months. However, if the KTEO check has been delayed for more than 6 months, the amount reaches €78.

Where can I carry out a KTEO inspection? 

Ελεγχος κτεο

The mandatory KTEO inspection can be carried out both in Public Technical Inspection Centers and in Private ones. Autotechnik is a certified Private Technical Control Center in Thessaloniki and operates based on European standards. In addition, the highly qualified staff of Autotechnik possess excellent know-how to ensure maximum safety in your vehicle. 

What does the inspection include and what are the KTEO prices?


The technical inspection carried out by KTEO Thessaloniki - Autotechnik, includes visual checks and vehicle convergence and divergence checks. In addition, it performs checks on the braking system (brakes) and suspension system (shock absorbers). Furthermore, both the lights (targeting, intensity) and the pollutants of each vehicle are checked. As for the price required to carry out the KTEO test, it varies depending on the type of vehicle. 

Learn more about KTEO prices, depending on the category of your vehicle and find out about the cost of each service. Contact the service department of KTEO Thessaloniki – Autotechnik and our experienced staff will answer all your questions!